Denmark and the City of Copenhagen Hosting COP15

Following are the main features of United Nations Cilmate Change Conference;
  • Denmark has the pleasure of hosting the 15th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP15)taking place at Bella Center in Copenhagen from the 7th to the 18th of December, 2009.
  • The conference will be the largest international political conference ever held in Denmark with participants from 192 countries representing governments, the business community, and civil society. We anticipate approximately 15,000 participants.

Prime Minister and Minister of United Nations Cilmate Change Conference issues following remarks in welcome note of the conference;

The world is facing a major challenge. We cannot continue using fossil fuels the way we do today.

Scientists have laid out the risks we face and it has become clearer than ever that now is the time to take serious action on climate change. If we do not act today, the opportunity will not only slip out of our hands but it will also become much more expensive to carry out the necessary low-carbon transition in the future.

As the host of COP15, we, the Danish Government, will do our utmost to create common ground for a coherent global response to this challenge. The task is daunting – but our mission is clear. We need to agree on an ambitious, global agreement in Copenhagen that meets the challenge set by science.

To facilitate the process of reaching agreement, we will do our best to make your stay in Denmark as pleasant as possible. This brochure offers practical information about the conference site and the COP15 region, which includes the Greater Copenhagen Area and the Swedish cities of Malmรถ and Lund.

We kindly invite you to help us make COP15 a more sustainable conference: please use public transportation – it is easy, safe, quick and, for registered participants, free of charge – once you have received your badge and special Travel Pass at Bella Center. In addition to practical information on how to feel at home in Copenhagen, in this brochure you will also find advice on ways and means to make your participation in COP15 a win-win situation for you and the climate.

We hope you will enjoy your stay in Copenhagen and the COP15 region. We are aiming at a success for all participants and the future of our climate.


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