Growth of Electronic Transaction

The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) on Tuesday said volume and value of e-payment transactions during the first July-Sept quarter of fiscal 2009-10 reached 45.7 million and Rs3.9 trillion, respectively.

In its first quarterly report on retail e-payments and paper-based instruments, the SBP said use of electronic channels has showed consistent growth. During the first quarter, the volume and value of ATM transactions in the country touched 26.8 million and Rs206.4 billion respectively. Volume and value of online banking transactions recorded at 13m and Rs3.6 trillion, respectively.

The report pointed out that during the quarter, the volume and value of Point of Sales (POS) transactions were recorded at 4.9m and Rs26.7bn respectively. Volume and value of debit cards transactions reported at 28.1m and Rs210.5bn respectively in July-September 2009. Similarly, volume and value of credit cards transactions recorded at 4.2m and Rs18.6bn respectively.

According to the report, the total number of Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) during the first quarter reached 4,055 registering growth of 1.4pc as compared to 5.7pc surge in the previous quarter.

The volume of Real Time Online Branches (RTOBs) during first quarter hit 6,119 and recorded a growth of 1.3pc as recorded in the previous quarter. The number of POS terminal totaled 51,685 showing an increase of 4.0pc in number as compared to 2.7pc increase in previous quarter. In addition, the total number of cards (debit / credit /ATM only) in circulation during the first quarter touched 9.3m which shows a rise of 4.3pc compared to 6.6pc increase in previous quarter.


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