Information in Annual Reports of Companies

Following information needs to be included or detailed more in annual reports:
  • Management Structure and changes therein during the year
  • Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives
  • Risks involved in businesses
  • Future Prospects / outlook
  • Material agreements entered into during the year
  • Segment-wise information (profile, business report & outlook of each segment)
  • Customer Relations management
  • Supplier Relations management
  • Research & Development
  • Human Resources
  • Company»s technical details
  • Details regarding competitive position of the company
Good annual reports in Pakistan mostly include the following:
  • Company Information
  • Mission & Vision Statement
  • Company Strategy / Strategic Objectives
  • Governing Principles / Core Values
  • Performance Reviews
  • Ratio Analysis / Key Figures / Years in brief / Historical Performance Review
  • Director»s Report & Details regarding Board of Directors
  • Chairman» Review / Chief Executive Review
  • Information on Management Committees
  • Pattern of Shareholding
  • Statement of compliance with Code of Corporate Governance
  • Statement of Ethics & Business practices
  • Review Report to the members on Statement of Compliance with Code of Corporate Governance
  • Auditor»s report to the members
  • Financial Statements
  • Notice of Annual General Meetings


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