Her Budget

On the eve of announcement of annual federal budget (June 4, 2011), instead of predicting and analyzing the realities after sifting from budgetary rhetoric this year I took a chance to see how people make their personal budgets. Or do they, in the first place?

I asked people from different segments of our multi-classed society to account for their monthly income and spending. All the accounts were very revealing. This is the story that moved every one.

An old lady named Suban, in her late 70s may be, she did not know her age, lives alone with no male member to look her after. Having lived all her life in the remote village in district Chitral, her total possession is three goats she had. She takes them out for grazing every day and also performs other domestic chores single-handed. She is healthy, active and happy with life. I once asked her about how she manages her expanses (read budget)? On lot of coaxing she said, "I will be happier if my goat delivers three lambs this time." Surprised, I asked her to explain. She said, "I will sell the lambs and put a new roof on my home and will sell all the milk to live comfortably!" Her budget is simpler but life certainly is tough.


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