Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks

The stainless steel sinks are most commonly used in kitchens. These should be easily matched well with most appliances and easy to maintain. Good quality stainless steel kitchen sinks should be made from high quality steel with standardized Chromium to Nickel content ratio. Stainless steel kitchen sink has been increasing in popularity as people like the modern look they have. They are easy to clean, and as durable as porcelain. These sinks come in a wide variety of styles that match well with any contemporary home.

Stainless steel kitchen sinks are the most popular choice for today’s kitchens due to its clean look and durability. The beautiful brushed satin finish helps to hide small scratches that may occur over the lifetime of the sink. Our Stainless Steel sinks are made from high quality 16 gauge steel, which is 25% thicker than 18 gauge. Most models are made of one piece construction that ensures the sturdiest kitchen sink you will find. Our sinks are made from 304 steel with an 18/10 chromium/nickel content and are guaranteed not to rust or stain. Each sink is fully insulated and has a sound dampening pad. Our stainless steel sinks are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. Each sink comes with a cardboard cutout template and mounting hardware

MR Direct sells "Mr Direct" brand kitchen sinks. Their customers buy from them because they are better business bureau accredited, offer same day shipping, and offer extremely low prices.


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Stainless Steel Sink

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